SC WebEd is committed to evidence-based medicine. Evidence-based medicine is the use of a treatment or medical tool that has been found to be safe and effective in research studies. To meet this commitment, SC WebEd plans to meet the standards of evidence-based medicine for all of its software products.

SC WebEd is currently sponsoring a research project utilizing Perinatal Center Software© to determine whether it is safe and effective in producing OB ultrasound reports. Perinatal Center Software© is an IPad app which helps physicians organize the data from their OB ultrasound study and produce a digital document which can be loaded into the electronic medical record. SC WebEd is working in partnership with Georgia Regents University and its Institute Review Board (IRB) to research the use of Perinatal Center Software© by OB/Gyn residents.

If you are affiliated with an OB/Gyn residency program and would like to participate in this research trial, please contact Dr. Paul Browne at 706-721-3556 or by e-mail at