About Us

South Carolina WebEd is a 501C non-profit corporation dedicated to the development of affordable healthcare software. SCWebEd was started in 2011 by a physician who realized that quality healthcare software would make the complicated job of healthcare more efficient and effective on various levels.

Software is part of a patient’s experience from the time she searches for a healthcare provider until the final bill is paid. Software helps all aspects of medicine including:

  1. Search engines
  2. Provider reviews
  3. Patient registration
  4. Patient questionnaires
  5. Provider documentation
  6. Laboratory studies
  7. Imaging studies
  8. Prescriptions
  9. Billing and collections
  10. Healthcare databases

Efficient, high-quality software improves the healthcare journey for the patient and the physician.

Accurate data collected by these software products can be used to improve healthcare delivery. Unfortunately, software data also can be used to market medical products and services to vulnerable patients who are searching for medical treatments. SCWEbEd is dedicated to developing affordable healthcare software that respects a patient’s privacy while providing a valuable tool for the healthcare provider.