Meet Our Board

Paul Browne, M.D.

Paul Browne is the founder and CEO of South Carolina WebEd. He is director of maternal-fetal medicine at Georgia Regents University who cares for patients daily. Dr. Browne received his medical degree from Duke University. His residency training in OB/Gyn was completed at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. Dr. Browne completed his post-graduate fellowship in maternal-fetal medicine at Duke University. In 1978, he began computer programming at UNC-Chapel Hill when software programs were punched on paper cards and fed into a reader. In 1993, he started a private practice in Atlanta, GA and began programming patient databases for his private practice. In 2001, he and 2 other physicians founded Perinatal Center Software LLC. This company wrote the Java® code for a program that served as an early electronic medical record for pregnant patients. In 2011, he and his partners donated the code from Perinatal Center Software® to SCWebEd. In 2015, SC WebEd released a MAC version of Perinatal Center Software® as an app in the Apple Store. Dr, Browne continues to seek collaborators who wish to create healthcare software that make the patient experience better.

Kelli Braun, M.D.

Kelli Braun is an associate professor at Georgia Regents University. She is an OB/Gyn who teaches medical students and resident physicians the skills needed for women’s healthcare. She is married and has 2 young sons. She has the unique perspective that comes from being both a healthcare provider and a healthcare patient. Dr. Braun is a die-hard fan of the University of Georgia (Go Dogs!) where she was an undergraduate. Her medical school training and residency training were both at the Medical College of Georgia (now Georgia Regents University). Dr.Braun is an expert in Quality Improvement and works on committees that improve healthcare through the review of outcome data.

Nicholas Fogelson, M.D.

Nick Fogelson is an assistant professor in the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Emory University. He is the director of Minimally Invasive Surgery at Emory and is an expert in surgery techniques that use software-guided machines to assist in Gyn operations. Dr. Fogelson received his medical degree from Oregon Health and Science University. His residency in OB/Gyn was completed at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. Dr. Fogelson completed a post-graduate fellowship in pelvic surgery at Emory University. Dr. Fogelson has written an app for the Apple Store which helps to calculate the due date of pregnant women. Dr. Fogelson also authored a popular blog, Academic OB/Gyn, where he reviewed research studies and explained them in lay terms to patients and providers.

Rachel Lieberman

Rachel Lieberman is a current member of AT&T’s Leadership Development Program. Ms. Lieberman completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in the UNC School of Journalism and Communication. She attended the Savannah College of Art and Design where she received a Master’s Degree in Photography. In 2014, she was awarded a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina’s Moore School of Business. Ms. Lieberman’s position at AT&T focuses on Operations Management and Business Analytics. Her work spans from small business to government, with experience in communications, insurance, and entrepreneurship.